What’s in store in 2019?

Date: 5th February 2019

At the moment the media is full of information and opinion about what will happen around the world in 2019. The views cover a wide spectrum of issues that could affect your business – Political, Economic, Social, Environmental, Fiscal and so on.

Have you assessed the impact of the following issues on New Zealand or your business?

  • Will Brexit affect you?
  • Does the political climate in the USA affect you?
  • If tourist access to Queenstown was denied (local earthquake, Asian volcanic eruption, Middle East War) – how would that affect you?
  • How would short term NZ Geo-Political issues (staff shortages, employment law, value of NZ$ plummet) affect you?

If you have not assessed these issues and their possible effect on you and your business, let’s have an exploratory session (at no charge) to prepare you as well as possible for a change in your market.

Issues we could cover include:

  • The market place – expanding or contracting?
  • Your competition – growing or declining?
  • Your product – can you improve your offering?
  • Your pricing
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (why should your customer buy from you and not your competition)
  • Your staff, your processes
  • Financial Issues

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