Business Consulting Services

Below are listed some of the key activities I can help you and your business with. I can create a proposal that is customised to your specific needs…



  • This includes SWOT Analysis, Strategic Plans, Business Plans
  • The importance of having a ‘living’ document
  • The creation of Objectives and Strategies to achieve those objectives
  • Implementation – creation of action plans to ensure the Objectives are met – this is often the hardest part
  • The 7 key areas of a Business Plan.

Market Analysis

  • Data is Gold – identify, measure and use your data
  • Convert the “what we think” into “what we know”
  • Data collection and interpretation – clarify the best course of action
  • Reduce the risk of making poor decisions
  • Areas such as market, customer, buying patterns, competition, barriers to entry, regulations.


  • An essential tool for every business
  • Without a budget you could seriously affect your bottom line
  • Regular review of all financials – Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow.

Business Development

  • The creation of long term value from customers, the market and relationships
  • Market research
  • Website and associated online activities

Recruitment and HR

  • Looking after a key asset
  • Recruitment and retention of staff
  • Conforming to regulations
  • Job descriptions, Employment Contracts, Health and Safety.


  • Increasing revenue
  • Reducing your expenses
  • Traditional versus value add metrics
  • To avoid a business failure
  • Best use of government agencies.

End of Life Cycle

  • Value of your business
  • Preparing your business to achieve the best sale price
  • Preparing for retirement – how much do you need?
  • Always have a Plan B.



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