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Operating in a Soft Market

Change, uncertainty, insecurity, tension, lack of sleep - it’s all on - locally, nationally and around the world.

The issues that will affect NZ in one way or another include; the consequences of Brexit spreading like measles around the unvaccinated world, Trump the epitome of disruptive behaviour in the world of politics and economics leading to subsequent unintended consequences, further doubts about the news reporting industry with claims about the Amazon fires shown to be false and highlighting the ‘fake news’ epidemic is alive and well, China and Russia attempting to expand their sphere of influence, and Hong Kong residents continuing to tease their mainland masters.

All of this breeds uncertainty for large components of New Zealand Inc – especially the rural sector, exporting participants and the Multi-level Tourism Industry – accommodation, transport, activities, retail and hospitality.

But wait, there’s more!

On a National level – consumer sentiment is falling, business sentiment continues to be an issue, the geo / political landscape continues to cause angst in the productive sectors of the nation, the rural / urban divide is alive and well through a growing lack of understanding and knowledge, education and tertiary training is under some scrutiny with an anticipated structural change in the ITO sector and general uncertainty created by a lack of detail attached to Government legislative initiatives… all issues combine to create anxiety and uncertainty.

But wait, there’s still more!

On the local front we have our own issues adding to the smorgasbord of uncertainty – Queenstown Airport, Wanaka Airport, fundamental “growth” versus, “no growth” perspective, housing, accommodation, immigration, labour shortages, roading, water. To top all this off we have the local body elections on October 12th resulting in a slowdown in decision making for some weeks while the election process takes place and the newbies get their feet under the QLDC and ORC tables.

All is not lost

I do have a happy ending to my litany of International, National and Local doubt, and uncertainty. Contact me for some practical advice and support on how to not only survive but prosper in a difficult political and economic marketplace – operating in a soft market.

Get in touch with me to sit down and discuss your business over a coffee.


Robin Martin

P.S. This article is part of my Secrets of Success series, aimed at helping business owners and entrepreneurs with some of the key components of business success. The insights I wish I’d had at the start of my business career. I hope that by passing on these little gems of knowledge I can give you some support and help you along the pathway to growth and prosperity.

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